"My younger sister is sleeping."

Translation:मेरी छोटी बहन सो रही है।

May 4, 2020

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What makes this a comparative?


The comparative Younger has been used in the sentence hence making it a comparative sentence.

Comparative adjectives compare two things. Commonly, adjectives that contain only one syllable or end in 'y' use 'er' to form comparatives .For adjectives ending in y, change the 'y' to 'i' before adding the 'er'.

old – older
young – younger
pretty – prettier
long – longer
short – shorter
bright – brighter
close – closer
happy – happier


Sure, sorry, I understand the English sentence. What I meant is — why does the Hindi मेरी छोटी बहन सो रही है। not translate as "My young sister is sleeping".

I would've expected that I'd have to use मुझसे somewhere to make it mean "younger" rather than "young", e.g. — something like मेरी बहन मुझसे छोटा सो रही है। (though this looks wrong to me too :) )

I guess it's implied that "my young sister" is also "my younger sister" in this case, but wondering about the grammar to try & understand the general case. Does छोटी mean both young and younger? Would that work for any adjective?


मेरी बहन मुझसे छोटा है सो रही​ है। is incorrect as छोटा is masculine word. You need to use छोटी. So your sentence becomes मेरी बहन मुझसे छोटी है, सो रही है। (still incorrect) meaning my sister younger than me, is sleeping. You can see two different clauses here which are incomplete without a linker. मेरी बहन जो मुझसे छोटी है,(वह) सो रही है। (जो- here meaning who joins the clauses) My sister 'who' is younger than me is sleeping.('who' works as a linker)
Also, जो should not be used without वह in Hindi, it's incomplete without. However, people use it alone too.

मेरी मुझसे छोटी बहन सो रही है। My younger than me sister is sleeping (incorrect). So, Again मेरी बहन जो मुझसे छोटी है, सो रही है। My sister who is younger than me is sleeping.(correct)
But why specifically ​indicate who is she smaller from when you can write मेरी छोटी बहन सो रही है। My younger sister is sleeping.(correct)

वह एक छोटी बच्ची है। She is a young girl. (Here छोटी-young acts the adjective)

वह छोटी है। would mean both she is young or she is younger. since it's not defined who is she younger to.
In English you add -er to Young to make it comparative. But in Hindi nothing is added to छोटी, so, of course it will depend on the context when it is not defined who is she younger from. But when you say my younger sister - मेरी छोटी बहन, then we know who is she younger to due to the personal possessive determiner my which here translates to मेरी( सार्वनामिक विशेषण -a pronoun which acts as an adjective, like here to the noun बहन). मेरी could also mean mine depending on the context.


Thanks for your in-depth response! Makes sense & learned जो along the way too :)


I wonder why is "My younger sister is asleep." wrong?
just a bit confused..


At a guess I'd say because it's changing the use of "sleep" from a verb ("sleeping") to an adjective ("asleep"). Normally they will allow alternative translations using synonyms (granddad/grandfather) but not changing parts of speech


My answer was "meri behen so rahi hai", because i understood that "behen" means "younger sister", while "didi"means "older sister".


"बहन" simply means "sister".
In hindi we have an additional word for elder sister i.e. दीदी ,so, that can be used in case they want us to specify an elder sister. You can use बड़ी बहन (elder sister) for the same purpose too. However, in case of the younger sister, we don't have an additional word in Hindi for it ,so that, you got to use छोटी बहन (younger sister).

Same facts are true for भाई which simply means brother. For elder brother we can use भैया/भईया (both the spellings are correct and widely used; however the first one is more correct grammatically); and we can use बड़े भाई/ बड़े भैया too for the same purpose of meaning elder brother.
Please note: that बड़े भाई also means elder brothers,(plural).
However, we don't have an additional word for younger brother and so छोटा भाई (younger brother) will be used for it.


Achcha,choti ek comparative hain ya nahi???

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