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Accented capital letters in French; an easy way to type.

Quite by chance, I found this very useful solution to a problem: how to easily type accented capital letters in French, using the Windows AZERTY French keyboard layout. It is possible to find a solution to this problem on these websites, in the form of a simple and effective application by author and developer Denis Liégeois: 1) https://www.langue-fr.net/Le-clavier-etendu-de-Denis-Liegeois-Windows and 2) http://users.sfr.be/denis.liegeois/kbdfrac.htm I installed this application in its version http://users.sfr.be/denis.liegeois/kbdfrx2.exe (on page 2) in Windows 10. After a short and easy installation, a new item appeared in the Language preferences menu: French (France) Français enrichi version 2014. Selected, this item offers a choice of a new character set available in combination with the Alt Gr key, on a regular QWERTY keyboard. Without the Alt Gr key combination, all characters remain unchanged as in the standard Windows AZERTY keyboard layout. Many, many thanks to the author, developer of this elegant software solution, which he offers us as a gift.

May 4, 2020



Thx for the tip. I will try it!


On many Linux systems you can use a compose key (here, RIGHT_ALT), for combinations such as RIGHT_ALT+SHIFT+A+' for Á or RIGHT_ALT+SHIFT+A+` for À .

Or type in the UNICODE offsets directly: CTRL+SHIFT+u+c1+ENTER or CTRL+SHIFT+u+c0+ENTER, respectively — Á and À. Just as for Windows' ALT Codes, with this method you can type in anything you like, such as guillemets, « » , etc.

(Guillemets with the first method are, RIGHT_ALT+<+< and RIGHT_ALT+>+>).

Written out this may look quite complicated, but either method is very easy to type.

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