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"De jongen hoort verschillende dieren."

Translation:The boy hears various animals.

July 24, 2014



Anyone have any mnemonics to remember "verschillende" -- it's such a long word... can it be broken down into separate root words perhaps (like belangrijk can)?


Ver- is a prefix it sort of makes something into a verb. Verlengen is to make something longer verlichten to make something lighter. (I guess sort of like be- can. bewitch but not totally the same)

Schillen comes from schelen. In which you can recognise scales.

Verschillen means to differ so when the scales aren't exactly balanced and there is a difference between them


I remember it by the first letter being the same, and there being do many "various" letters in the word!


hi fun lovers: does this audio sound accurate to you guys/gals? [or maybe I just got really confused between the sounds of "verschillende" & "verscheidene"]


The audio sounds accurate.


Is "verschillend" like the German "anders?" Or is it closer to "verschieden?"


I would, with what the context and translations here say, its a "verscheidene" is a false friend with "verschiedene" (german)...

  • verscheidene - einige
  • verschillende - verschidene


I don't know if this helps, but I found this dictionary: http://lookwayup.com/lwu.exe/lwu/toEng?s=dw=verschillendslang=Nld

Neither, anders is an adverb and verschieden is a verb as best I could tell. Verschillend is an adjective which is closer in meaning to anders, but not the same. Oh, here it is verschieden is also an adjective that looks like it. http://dictionary.reverso.net/english-german/various http://dictionary.reverso.net/english-german/several http://dictionary.reverso.net/german-english/anders http://dictionary.reverso.net/german-english/verscheiden http://dictionary.reverso.net/english-german/different


Any tips for what to listen to to tell verschillende and verschiedene apart? I can tell when I read them but I can't hear a difference


From what I've heard so far, the emphasis in "verschillende" is more on the "schill" rather then the last syllable of "verschiedene"


I see one of the translations offered for "verschillende" is "several." Does the word always imply that the several things are distinct ("various animals" or "different animals").

In other words, can "verschillende" ever refer to multiple of the same thing? (ex: "De jongen hoort verschillende olifanten")

I realize that technically we can keep dividing into sub-classes and sub-classes (e.g., beings--animals--elephants--African elephants--female African elephants--etc.), but I'm just trying to get a semantic sense for the pronoun.


Actually both meanings are possible. My best guess would be though that the meaning of "verschillende" when it refers to multiple of the same thing, would be less often used (statistically speaking).


Yes, that makes sense. Dank u wel!

I did find this site which seemed to indicate that "verschillende," "verscheidene," and "diverse" are all basically interchangeable terms. (http://www.dutchgrammar.com/en/?n=Pronouns.Id13)


Not sure the given answer should be accepted



Could " many" be accepted for "verschillende" ?


No, verschillende = various, veel = many/much.


The sch sounds like the German ach-laut, is what it's supposed to be?

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