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  5. "Exercise is a real hobby."

"Exercise is a real hobby."

Translation:Le sport est un vrai loisir.

May 4, 2020



What's wrong with "faire du sport est un vrai loisir?


Just not as clean a translation I think. "Le sport" is a noun ('Exercise') while "Faire du sport" is a verb ("To (do) exercise")


You got a point. Thanks. (Even though I still think the general meaning is close enough to be considered correct on our translation)


Same problem here. I would also like to know :)


especially as up until now le faire du sport has been taught as exercise!


How does the adjective "vrai" fit into the BANGS rule of adjective:noun word order?


Why not "L'exercise est un vrai loisir" ? The word is in both languages and surely has the same meaning. To say Le sport is a real hobby is stating the obvious.


First, it would be exercice. And the sentence is weird, in french you would rather say : Faire de l'exercice est un vrai loisir. But Duo's translation is more natural.

The word is in both languages and surely has the same meaning

If only it could be that simple... !


Many thanks for your advice. If only it were that simple, indeed. I had not even noticed the minor spelling difference in "exercis(c)e".


Occasionally, my picky brain likes to check up on things, in this case DL's French, even if I got it right - and not because I don't truly trust that it's as spoken in France. So a) thank you for your assistance here :D, and b) (because I don't truly trust Google either) I compared it on Translate. According to that, it's "l'exercice est un vrai passe-temps". So there you go, yet another level of confusion! (≧▽≦)


is it really though?


versus a fake hobby?

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