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Students can see assignment that I posted

I created an assignment for my class. When I click the assignment, I can see student's status as "not started yet". But the students couldn't see the assignment. To solve the problem, I signed up as student to my own account, tried all the features but couldn't see the assignment I posted. Can someone help on this one?

May 4, 2020



There is a bit of a lag right now due to high volumes. Duo is working furiously on it. Just tell your students what the assignment is using your normal means of communication. Their points will go to the assignment whether or not they can see it.

I have my students in a routine, so that there is no doubt in their minds.

Hope this helps!


I tried this too (joining a classroom). I can see the assignments in the "Learn" module underneath XP Progress - this only appears on the laptop, does not appear when using a tablet. Will follow MadamaeSensei's advice and inform students & parents of the tasks assigned.

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