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  5. "Should we bring something?"

"Should we bring something?"

Translation:On apporte quelque chose ?

May 4, 2020



Nous devons apprendre quelque chose ?


Could you also say "apporterions-nous quelque chose" ?


Is the idea here that there is no difference in meaning between "We bring something?" and "Should we bring something?". I ask because other sites more frequently translate variations of this sentence using "devrait apporter". But maybe that's only necessary when you're saying eg., "We should bring something" as opposed to "We will bring something" or "We did bring something".


previous Tips have explained this construction, which always seems to be controversial. It seems that it is very common, as are all the endless complaints.


Yes, what is the difference between "Do we bring something" and "Should we bring something" ? When do we use the conditional tense ?


You do not allow the "Nous" version of this sentence Duo. Pourquoi?

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