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  5. "I am not wanting two buses."

"I am not wanting two buses."

Translation:Chan eil mi ag iarraidh dà bhus.

May 5, 2020



Anything more than one is plural as it is not a number 2 bus but that there are two buses


Anything more than one is plural in English. Gaelic has singular, dual, and plural. A noun following does not take the plural form, and lenites the word that follows it. This is explained in the unit for Numbers or on the complete notes for the course at Duome in case you can't access the notes in the units (if you are using your phone, for example). https://duome.eu/tips/en/gd .


One can access the tips and notes on a mobile phone – just not in the mobile app, one needs to log in on the duolingo.com website through the web browser (eg. Chrome on Android). The tips and notes are available there – even in the mobile version of the web browser Duolingo. ;-)

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