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Native vs Second Language to a Third Language

Some of us are already bilinguals or multilingual, and we can provide feedback, help on our original/native language. Our profile only allows to enter: one spoken language and the one being learned. Unless I am looking at the wrong area..

May 7, 2013



I like the idea a lot. You could add it to your profile summary, But that is not a good work around either because there is not much space to write anything. Thank you for the kind offer.


Hopefully in the future as the develops gather data/info from all of us.. good luck in your learning process. Feel free to ask for help [spanish] during your studies. Hasta luego.


Thumbs up for this idea, it should not be too hard to implement!


I second! I would be delighted to exchange my Spanish for other languages (currently, German). Students can dramatically boost their knowledge by being more social and sharing their languages. Several 'match-making' on line services do this already. This looks like a whole new area to be developed in duolingo.


I like this idea. It would be good to have a native speaker to ask about some of our language queries especially things like words with double meanings.

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