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  5. "Andrew has a gray button."

"Andrew has a gray button."

Translation:Tha putan glas aig Anndra.

May 5, 2020



In the forthcoming "body" lessons, "liath" is used for gray hair--"glas" has disappeared. Whereas in these "color" lessons, "liath" is most definitely light blue, and "glas" is always expected for gray. Why?


If you read the tips for the color skill and the body skill, you'll find that liath can mean light blue or gray, and specifically means grey when it applies to hair.

You can only get to them via the web version of duolingo, not the phone app -- however you can open the web version on your phone's browser. Here are the tips for Color: https://www.duolingo.com/skill/gd/Colors/tips-and-notes And here are the tips for Body: https://www.duolingo.com/skill/gd/Body/tips-and-notes


I've been wondering that too. I thought liath meant grey and glas grey-green.


Is "button" simply that, or does it imply a round pin (often with little sayings or pictures)?


putan is "button" as in the clothes fastener and and the thing you press on a piece of equipment (or click on on a computer). For "badge" / "pin" I would just use the borrowing baidse.


why does the button have Andrew? not tha Anndra putan glas aig?


Gaelic does not have a verb "to have", so the button doesn't have Andrew and Andrew doesn't have the button - instead the button is at Andrew. The subject of an English sentence is often the object of a Gaelic sentence and vice versa. English "x has y" = Gaelic tha y aig x. If you remember that, you can slot in nouns and names. Tha putan aig Anndra, tha cù aig Mòrag, etc.

If you need to use a pronoun rather than a name, you need to use one of the prepositional pronouns with aig in the aig x position:

tha putan glas agam (aig + mi) - I have a grey button

tha putan glas agad (aig + thu) - you (singular, informal) have a grey button

tha putan glas aige (aig + e) - he/it has a grey button

tha putan glas aice (aig + i) - she/it has a grey button

tha putan glas againn (aig + sinn) - we have a grey button

tha putan glas agaibh (aig + sibh) - you (plural or singular formal) have a grey button

tha putan glas aca (aig + iad) - they have a grey button


Tapadh leat SO much for typing this out. I don't have easy access to the computer version of duo, and this is immensely helpful!


I find it helpful to think of it as "by" and similar to the German preposition "bei".

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