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  5. "Tha aon phiuthar agam."

"Tha aon phiuthar agam."

Translation:I have one sister.

May 5, 2020



When is it correct to use piuthar or phiuthar?


That’s not an easy question – there are many contexts that require lenition (phiuthar is lenited piuthar). One of them (but only one of many) is after the numeral aon which always lenites the following noun if possible (hence aon phiuthar here).

You should look at the tips and notes to the lessons (available in the web browser version of Duolingo, but unfortunately not in the mobile app) which explain the factors causing lenition relevant to the sentences in given lessons. You can also see the tips and notes on the duome.eu website.


Sometimes it says piuthair is ok and sometimes is says it has to be piuthar. ???

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