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Please add the ability to remove languages

I accidentally clicked on "Italian" although I never intend on seriously trying to pick it up.

Please add a feature that allows us the remove certain languages from our "Language levels" box on our profile.

Or else people will just think you are dumb and a "jack of all trades"...

May 7, 2013



Or alternatively, don't show the levels on our profile page until they're 2 or higher. Seems the same logic is being applied to our flair in discussion threads, so that would keep things consistent. Developers love consistency. Users are often keen on it too. ;)


Awesome simple idea ;]


Please continue keeping this discussion thread alive by thumbing up.

A response from the awesome Duolingo staff would also be great!


I asked the same question and kristinemc informed Duolingo's is unable to perform that task. She will bring the topic to their meeting and hopefully, will implement in the near future, hopefully?


Agreed! That would be an easy thing that could be added too.


Please thumb this up so that the wonderful Duolingo staff sees it :)

Thanks all!


I'm thumbing this up because I'm kind of tired to see the same requests on and on :D

However, I'm sure Duolingo team is well aware of this problem. They just don't have enough people and time to fix everything at once. This option will certainly be added in the future.

[deactivated user]

    Same request over here


    I want it too! Look at all the languages I've tried xD


    Hello all!

    Sorry to keep posting here but I want to keep this thread as alive as possible.

    Can a member of the awesome Duolingo staff please respond sometime as to the status of this? Or at least explain the barriers to this change being made and/or ways us users can help?




    Was there a fix to this yet?


    7 yeas passed and still cannot find it. Or is there an option now?

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