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"This mountain is the highest in the world."

Translation:Cette montagne est la plus haute du monde.

May 5, 2020



Why is, cette montagne est la plus haute dans le monde


Dans is often translated as "in" but it can have the underlying sense of "inside (of)". That doesn't seem quite right in this phrase.

I've noticed that French sometimes prefers to use a possessive, de. One way to translate this sentence is "That is the world's highest mountain." Du monde ==> "the world's" .

Dans: https://www.thoughtco.com/dans-french-preposition-1368914

De: https://www.thoughtco.com/de-french-preposition-1368915


Oh, really? What's it called, maybe I've heard of it!


Why is it "la plus haute du monde" but "la plus haute d'Europe?


Omit the article for feminine countries such as: de France, d'Angleterre

Keep the article for masculine countries such as: du (=de+le) Portugal, des (=de+les) États-Unis

(source: Sitesurf "Cette montagne est la plus haute d'Europe.") Use the article for masculine countries such as:


Same reason as it's "the highest in the world" but not "the highest in the Europe".


Yikes, am starting to write sentences like Duo does


dans la monde or du monde, which is more correct? Dans la monde was not accepted

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