"From where do the cooks come?"

Translation:Unde coqui veniunt?

May 5, 2020

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Would this be the same as saying "Where do the cooks come from?"


Yes. I would say so.


What's the difference between " Unde" and "ubi" When do we use each of these words? Both mean "where"


Ubi - "where" - no movement to or from the location. Asks for the 'current' location.

Ubi es? - "Where are you?"

Unde - "From where" - movement away from the location. Asks for the source location.

Unde venis? - "Where are you coming from?"

And as this word pops up in the course as well: quo - "to where" - movement towards the location. Asks for the destination.

Quo is? - "Where are you going (to)?"

Does this help?


Can emitis be an option here? I suppose no because it means "go" and not "come", but just wondering if it was used


Emitis means 'you (plural) buy'.

You likely mean itis? It doesn't work here since 'go' and 'come' are different concepts and the subject is third person plural so you would need to use a third person plural form (like eunt).

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