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  5. "bliadhnaichean mòra"

"bliadhnaichean mòra"

Translation:many years

May 5, 2020



the word "bliadhnaichean" is not at all clear.


Oh, this makes me think of "Bigly years". I wouldn't have thought 'many' except it was a pick the tiles and nothing else made sense.


How would one say the ''big years'' or the great years?


I use LearnGaelic.Scot site to study also, and iomadh comes up for many. Mora is not listed. Why is that?


I think some other sites do not have all the words we use. Mòra/mhòra is used very frequently in these exercises.


Mòra is just the form of the word mòr that we use after plural nouns. Here's the relevant excerpt from the Tips and Notes:

Magic elongating adjectives

Adjectives that have only one syllable become longer when attached to a plural:

  • taighean matha - good houses

  • taighean beaga - small houses

  • taighean mòra - big houses

  • taighean dearga - red houses

  • taighean ùra - new houses

All of the Tips and Notes are available here: https://duome.eu/tips/en/gd


You could say iomadh bliadhna too, they mean the same thing. "Bliadhnaichean mòra" is more idiomatic :)

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