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"Wie is de schrijver van het werk?"

Translation:Who is the author of the work?

July 24, 2014



Then how would you say "Who is the writer from work?"


In Dutch that's the same sentence.

We use van het werk as from work (meaning from the office) in this case work isn't really defined, similar to Hij zit in de gevangenis = He is in prison. In both examples the article has to be included in Dutch.

But we also use van het werk as of the work (meaning of the book/of the piece of art).

Normally the sentence Wie is de schrijver van het werk? means the latter, since the former is only used when people specifically refer to their job/the office.


Forgive me if this is obvious. Is there no distinction between writer and author in Dutch?


Auteur normally isn't used for the profession, apart from that, they are used interchangeably.


Yes, I would like confirmation of the difference between schrijver and schrijfster. The recording I heard was indistinct too.


Thank you for the explanation!


And then why is "piece" not correct?


In Dutch werk can mean any writing (from an article to a book), although it will mostly be used for books or anything that took a lot of effort to make (think any scientific paper or a thesis), shorter things like (newspaper) articles, columns, letters etc. are usually referred to as stuk.

I'm not to sure how piece is used with regards to different writings in English, if it's anything similar to Dutch, it could work.


'Piece' in terms of art is exactly like 'work' of art, in English. If 'work' is accepted, so should be 'piece.' :)


Don't take my word for it, but I think it's the same thing. Why? Did you try that as an answer and it didn't work?


No, it doesn't work


What's the difference between "schrijver" and "schrijfster"?


i agree with this point? why is there no response?


Schrijver is used for male writers and schrijfster is used for female writers.


For those confused: work as in work of art or in this case a story.


Thanks for clarifying, I was really confused about that


Is 'writer' not the same as 'author'???


Why isn't there any "er" ? Wie is er de schrijver van het werk ? Is it because of "de schrijver" ?


The hints say that "werk" can be translated as work or job. Why didn't it accept my response as "Job"?

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I had this issue as well. If the drop-down defines werk as 'work/job/jobs', then it should be accepted as an answer.


The drop-down hints are just hints. That means you cannot just select every possible hint and think it produces an acceptable answer.

One of the hints for is is has and one of the hints for het is it. I'm sure you'll agree that who has the writer of it work? is not an acceptable answer.


why is it "schrijfsters" for plural and "schrijver" for singluar?

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