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"Negenentwintig is meer dan achtentwintig, achtentwintig is meer dan zevenentwintig, en zevenentwintig is meer dan zesentwintig."

Translation:Twenty-nine is more than twenty-eight, twenty-eight is more than twenty-seven, and twenty-seven is more than twenty-six.

July 24, 2014



Isn't this sentence a bit long for a listening exercise?


It was long enough that I just skipped it and gave up a heart. Life is too short! ;-)

[deactivated user]

    I think the team doesn't have the power to exclude sentences from listening exercises... I do agree that it is 'a bit long' since there's no way such a sentence fits in the answer box. :)


    Please get rid of this kind of question. It provides you with nothing but tedium.


    this task is more than frustrating...YUCK


    I literally translated it into "29 more than 28, 28 is more than 27, and 27 is more than 26", which was displayed as one possible answer. But it said it was wrong still. Is this a programming issue?


    If that's exactly what you wrote, you forgot the 'is' in the first clause, so maybe that's why it was marked wrong.


    I would think for Dutch to English, that should be OK - after all it shows that you know what the numbers are in Dutch, which is the goal here. But that's up to the course moderators.

    This would be a bit much to type - in Dutch or English - on a mobile device without a keyboard.


    there's people who do the reverse courses, so for them it's useful to write things out in full


    Did you come across this sentence recently? It was removed a while back and shouldn't appear in the lessons. If you have seen it anyway, please let me know.


    Hi Kai, I just came across this sentence yesterday, in a timed review of the Numbers skill.


    Thanks Jack, I'm gonna get to the bottom of this.


    And I'm just seeing it in a lesson right now!


    It might not accept numerals instead of spelled-out words in this exercise.


    Translating into English it accepts numbers, translating into Dutch it doesn't.


    i just pushed "skip"


    I thought it would keep going down to 0. Luckily it stopped at 26! :)


    It was so long i forgot what i was doing and left out the en, and, so got marked wrong. A bit hard i thought.


    Please accept "29 > 28 > 27 > 26" as a possible answer. ;)


    Too long! I really hate doing sentences like this because I mainly review with timed practices and this just makes it work less well and means I have skipped some and repeated numbers way more than I really need to.


    I usually get the microphone exercises right, but no matter how many times I do microphone excessive with numbers it says it can't hear it.


    there is a bug with duo that means it puts the number rather than the word and marks it as wrong I think... not experienced it myself(don't have speaking exercises turned on because my microphone isn't good enough) but read about it in other comment sections


    Holy crap I actually got this listening exercise right...


    This is a pain in the ass. Rather build shorter sentences and increase the number of exercises, pretty please.


    I liked this exercise ~ I just copied and pasted with a few minor edits !


    welcome to duolingo where you write number. I feel like I really know dutch after this question..not


    It doesnt state initially if you are permitted to write the numbers numerically or alphabetically.


    The alternative correct English translation wrote "negenentwintig" as "...20 nine", "achtentwintig" as "...20 eight", and so on. I am not a native English speaker, but is this really the way we learn to write numbers in English correctly?


    No, in English you either write a number in numerals or spell it out - you don't go both ways. So you'd say either "twenty-nine" or "29."

    For formal writing, by the way, you should consult the style book for your field or publication. Style books don't rule on what's correct; instead, they are there to establish consistency. So, for example, one style manual might say that you should always spell out the numbers from one to a hundred; another would have you spell out only the numbers from one to ten.


    I tried to write "f--- you" but it wouldn't accept it. So I wrote "fiets de man door Nederland?" Neither is correct but both are better than writing that massive silly sentence.


    This is ridiculous. If you know "29 is more than 28", you will also know the other numbers


    It's so long that the entire sentence doesn't even fit in the box

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