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Students Completing Assignments.


This platform is a wonderful tool to use especially at a time when remote learning has become the new normal. Unfortunately, it is has become a daunting task checking for student completion of assignments posted. There is a discrepancy between the information on whether a student completed an assignment or not on the general student or assignment pages, and the individual activity logs. For example, a student may have a 1 in the red box, meaning that they missed an assignment, but when viewing their activity log, each level of the assignment is complete with the date and time. I initially realized that some students were simply clicking on the large topic circles rather than what I posted under Assignments, but now that is not only the case. Even some students who have completed the same assignment more than once, and accessed it correctly from the right side panel under Assignments, still have a 1 in the red box. Is there something that I may be doing incorrectly? I hope that this can be resolved because I really do enjoy using Duo Lingo both personally and professionally.

May 5, 2020



No, you are not doing anything wrong. Duolingo is experiencing lag times with the huge amount of traffic. They are working furiously behind the scenes to fix it.

For now, just wait a couple of days to post grades.

Hope this helps!


Thank you so much for your reply. I will wait a bit and post at a later date. Thank you again. Stay well!


I am new at DuoLingo and have started my first classroom? Do you have a method for grading student progress or work? Do you have any newbie advice?


First of all, welcome! I will tell you that one of the things I am missing most is that instant feedback that students need. So that's why I am so grateful for Duolingo.

In these crazy times, I am personally not assigning Skills, but rather XP. I will be happy knowing that my students are doing something -- anything ! Letting the students choose what they work on seems less stressful for them right now.

My students have been using Duolingo since the end of the first month of school, so they know the routine. I assign on Monday and then the students have a week to get the required XP (currently 75. Your students are new so you might make it less...)

Are your students beginners or advanced, MScheller? If they are bored by the beginning stages, I will walk you through how to unlock them for your students.

This is my current routine:

  1. One time a day on Duolingo

  2. A Tinycards that I assign (Tinycards is a flashcard program made by Duolingo. These allow me to drill down on certain skills that the students need to practice in isolation. They are not connected to Assignment XP, so I just have the students send me a screenshot when they are done. I teach Japanese, French, and Spanish, and you are welcome to use my cards if you would like. https://tinycards.duolingo.com. Search for "Madame Sensei" or ask me here.)

  3. Students have to read one story that I have recorded myself reading to them, then do a silly quick-write. Sometimes I assign a Duolingo Story. Your students have probably not unlocked Duolingo Stories yet, though. But they are great.

  4. An art project or cooking project, with the recipe in the target language. I have also recorded myself reading it aloud to them. With the yeast shortage, now is the perfect time to make crepes or tortillas or churros or rice dishes!

  5. Sometimes I make a Microsoft Form, because I really really want to give my students that instant feedback that is so essential to learning!

Whoops, look at the time. I've got a virtual class to start in five minutes. This is so draining! I miss my classroom!

Please keep posting questions as you have them. We are all in this together.


Hi there,

In regards to grading, the platform that my school is currently using is Genesis. Therefore, I grade each completed assignment from Duo Lingo as a 10 point completion/participation grade. Basically, I keep the 2 windows side by side and transfer grades as I go down the list of Complete, Incomplete, and Missed assignments. However, as I stated in my previous post, it hasn't been that simple since some students have completed their work, but still received a 1 in the red Missing box. With 5 DL Classrooms with over 100 students in total, this has been a little more time consuming, but still effective in gathering data during this time. It gives me an understanding of patterns of students who are completing work and those that are not. I hope that this helps! Be well!


If the student worked ahead and completed the assignment before you assigned it, it will also show as missing. You have to look at each student's activity log to get an accurate picture of what they have done.


Hello, Yes, thank you. I also realized that (a bit late lol). I think I'm finally all caught up with grading!


That's not intended behaviour. If the student already completed a skill before you assigned it, it should show as completed.


Hello, Unfortunately, it has not been the case at all times. There have been various discrepancies, but I have made the necessary corrections now that I know to check their activity logs as well.

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