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"Ta recette d'épinards à la crème est délicieuse."

Translation:Your creamed spinach recipe is delicious.

May 5, 2020



"Your spinach recipe with cream is delicious" should be accepted but was not. Reported but I will fall over if i get a response from Duo.


"Your recipe of creamed spinach is delicious." isn't accepted. Nor was an earlier version I wrote of "spinach with cream". Duo is very picky!


"Your recipe of creamed spinach is delicious" is a correct answer as is "Your creamed spinach recipe, etc." However, Duo incorrectly marks the former as incorrect.


Only one thing to say about this module is 'Arggggh'


"Your recipe for creamed spinach is delicious" is probably in better taste!


More formal way it would be "Your recipe for spinach with cream is delicious". The expressions of Cookbooks should be certainly accepted.

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Recipe is not a kind of food, but only the way to make food. So Is it correct to say "recipe" is "delicious"?

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