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"J'espère qu'ils vont répéter l'annonce."

Translation:I hope they're going to repeat the announcement.

May 5, 2020



I hope they repeat the announcement makes more sense?


Repeat is present tense, but "going to repeat" or "will repeat" is the future tense. "Vont repeter" is also future.


Again, the word 'that' is missing in the English translation


This was a speaking lesson - but it doesn't say what it s wrong with what I said - none of the 'test out' oral parts do. How am I to learn if I don't what I said wrong?


So I had the exact same answer as what came up as "correct answer" - yet it said it was wrong????? Confused


Next time, try to copy and paste your answer. Sometimes, there might be a small error that we don't notice at first. That has happened to me several times.

If you are sure that you are 100% correct and exactly the same as the correct answer, you can do a screen capture and send in a bug report.

You can check the lesson review at the end to see if there is a small difference that you missed.

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