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  5. "Waar is de rechterdeur?"

"Waar is de rechterdeur?"

Translation:Where is the right door?

July 24, 2014



Does 'recht' or 'rechter' ever stand alone before the subject? "Waar is de rechte deur?" or something like that. I just find it unusual that this specific adj. is attached to the subject when 'rode' or 'goede' or any other adj.'s are not.


Could this also mean "Where is the door to/on the right"?


Actually, that's the only thing it means. "right" as in "correct" is "juist". "right" as in "not left" is "rechts/rechter"


The sentence barely makes sense then. I can't really imagine any context in which you would say this sentence at all!


You've dismantled the body of a car after an accident, distributed the pieces around the yard, and are now putting it back together.


Got it.


In place.

Right panel?

Here it is.

But where is the right door?

Maybe it's under the left side panel. Or maybe Harvey carried it off to be painted.


I think the point of the lesson is to show that 'rechter-' is an adjective added to words to mean 'on the right side', as opposed to 'rechts', 'rechtsaf', and other words which are learned. It can be used with other words too, like 'rechterkant', 'rechterhand'. I guess it is included in the adjectives section because really it is an adjective, but one that is compounded with other words like a prefix. Therefore, the sentence does make sense as a didactic tool.

Maybe the right-hand door is a secret/hidden door and the speaker is unable to find it without asking where it is? Who knows, but I don't think the sentence is too strange situationally either!


Is rechter different from the other sort of "right", as in the opposite of wrong? How would you say the right door in the context of a game show, for instance?


We would say 'Waar is de goede deur?'

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