"Vestri socii ignavi non pugnant."

Translation:Your lazy allies do not fight.

May 6, 2020

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This audio is hardcore. Sociiignavi.


tfw you're poland during ww2


why not this translation? are not fighting


Still not accepted!


Probably a stupid question but: why isn't vester in the vocative case? Isn't that the case that's used when speaking directly to the subject of the sentence?


The vocative masculine plural of vester is vestri so it doesn't make a difference here (the vocative generally looks the same as the nominative except for a 2nd declension -us nouns and a few other cases). However, in this situation the nominative is used.

The vocative case is used when speaking directly to the subject of the sentence which is not happening here. We are describing the actions of a third party that belong to the person we are talking to. See the verb being in a third person form, while the vocative would be used should it be in a second person form.

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