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  5. "I had a good dinner."

"I had a good dinner."

Translation:Bha dìnnear mhath agam.

May 6, 2020



Is it wrong to say "Bha mi a' gabhail dinnear mhath"? Thnks


It's not wrong to say bha mi a' gabhail dìnnear mhath, but it means "I was having a good dinner" rather than "I had a good dinner". If you want to use gabh for "I had a good dinner", you could say ghabh mi dìnnear mhath (ghabh is the past tense of gabh, which Duolingo hasn't covered yet)


Aye and i used ghabh mi and still got an error, beginning to have doubts about some of the programing here.


Sorry! An oversight. I've added it now :)


I think this is a mis-translation of an English idiom. "I had a good dinner" means "I ate a good dinner", not "There was a good dinner in my possession". Similarly, "I had a good bath" would imply hot water, bubble bath and rubber ducks, not a well-built enamel tub with gold fittings, although "Bha amar math agam" would mean the latter.


Would you use the [have] formulation this way in gaelic? is this a gaelic idiom as well, or is it mirroring the english use?

I thougth 'tha mi air ag ithe dinnear math' cause the use of 'have' seemed a little odd?

any native speakers able to shed light?


In most circumstances I'd use ghabh as above - ghabh mi dìnnear mhath. Inversion comes into play if you are using the perfect with air - tha/bha mi air dìnnear mhath ithe


Learned something new today I didn't know Gàidhlig has inversion

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