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"Het meisje heeft geen borden."

Translation:The girl has no plates.

July 24, 2014



I am not a native english speaker, but should not "The girl has no plate" be accepted?


No. 'Borden' is plural, so you have to use the plural 'plates' as well.


Maybe i did not explain my self well.

I just mean "The girl has no plates." looks strange to me. For example, you will always say 'he has no doubt' or 'he has no car' but you will not use the plural for it. I would not say "The girl has no plates" but "The girl has no plate". I wonder if it is gramatically correct to use the plural in english here.

Would be nice if a native english speaker could correct me :)


Ok, native English speaker here...

'He has no doubt' - 'doubt' is describing his state of mind. We can also say 'he has no doubts', where 'doubts' are imagined to be individual objects.

'He has no car' - Of course this is singular, as what sort of person has more than 1 car! Well, yes, lots of people do, but the point is that we think of 'a car' as something you are likely to only have one of.

'The girl has no plate' - This is acceptable, but only in a situation where we would expect the girl to only have 1 plate. Perhaps when she is sitting at a table and everyone else has a plate but she doesn't.

'The girl has no plates' - We normally expect that people have plenty of plates in their house, so it feels more natural to talk about 'plates' rather than 'plate'. Without a clear context, this is the sentence which just feels more natural. This sentence is grammatically correct, in so far as this construction of 'X have no Y' is a throwback to an old grammar style and isn't a common construction in English now. We can see that Dutch grammar uses this 'verb + no' construction much more commonly than English does, but the root of this grammar feature is common to both Dutch and English.


The contemporary way to say this is "The girl does not have any plates"


Thanks for this answer. I always was wondering whether I should not use "to do" instead of "no". In other exercises using " no" usually is marked as wrong (also in my native language it is rather common)!


Oh thank you very much for your answer and your time. It is clear now.


"borden" being plural we are talking about "plates" : The girl doesn't have any plates, the girl has no plates.


No, because it says borden (which means plates) ;)


Een meisje heeft geen naam.

(Game of Thrones fans will hopefully get it


Should it be like this? "The girl doesn't have plates"


a girl has no name.

[deactivated user]

    Excuse me... Why "het" meisje?


    Have a look at the explanations by vam1980 and WarmFoothills


    Poor, poor child... no plates. :(


    How about: she does not have any plates? What is wrong here????


    why not de meisje?


    Meisje is a 'het'-word, since linguistically it's a diminutive (-je). In normal use, it does not have a diminutive meaning though, just a quirky thing in Dutch :-)


    Very useful, thanks.


    I thought people always get a 'de.'


    "The girl has no plates" is wrong?! Instead of "plates", it says "sign", i thought "borden" mean plates


    With looking at the words the audio is very hard to understand


    DUOLINGO:" the girl hasn't any plates". It is also possible. Thanks.


    Looks like the English grammar has been influenced by GOT's Faceless men "A girl has no name"


    Seriously, where would i use this?!?!


    Couldn't you say "the girl doesn't have a plate"?


    The girl does not have plates - why is this wrong?

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