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  5. "You do not love apples?"

"You do not love apples?"

Translation:Jij houdt niet van appels?

July 24, 2014



I wrote with the inversion ("Houdt jij?") but apparently it is wrong. Is it absolutely wrong? Or simply unadvised? Thanks!


It should be okay, but not with the extra T. When 'jij' or 'je' comes ater the verb, you write it without a T.


Ik houd

Hij houdt

Houd jij?


Could you explain why this is? (Why the "houdt" needs to lose a "t" when you invert it?) I made the same mistake as Pikus...


Zetland, check out the tips and notes of this lesson for exactly the description. There's also an extra case when je is used as a possessive and substitutes "hij" in a sentence, in which case it will still keep the T, even before the "je/jij"

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