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"Je trouve que la viande a un goût vraiment fort."

Translation:I think the meat has a really strong taste.

May 6, 2020



i find that the meat has a really strong taste; marked wrong


"I find that the meat has a really strong flavour" also marked wrong


it seems we must show that we understand that "je trouve" can mean "I think".


Which is an example of my response to you from the previous exercise I was served.

I wanted to respond "I find" here, but I resisted the temptation (although I did expect that it would be accepted).


Could this also translate to "I think meat [in general] has a very strong taste." ?


Whilst that is a grammatical possibility, it is not a true statement and therefore it is obviously not what was intended.

And if it's not what was intended then it's not a good translation and should not be accepted.

It is not unreasonable to require you to recognise that "la" is a specific definite article, not a generic one.


But it's not accepted. Reporting.


What's wrong with: " I think that the meat tastes really strong"?


What does strong meat taste like?

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