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"An toil leat fhèin aran milis?"

Translation:Do you yourself like shortbread?

May 6, 2020



This far along in the lesson tree, I have given up trying to understand why there are differences...and just try to memorize the structure and feel of the language.


The English sentence sounds a bit unnatural.

Wouldn't most people say "do you like shortbread yourself?"


In my neck of the woods of Canada, I would be more likely to say, "Do you yourself like shortbread?" Eh?


Actually the "eh" is quite interesting. It's a bit like a question tag or particle. There's probably some huge linguistics scholarship on it


Sorry, the "Eh" was an addon to my above statement but wouldn't usually appear in the above question unless you are from the east coast provinces. It inquires that you hopefully (and cheerfully) understand what I was saying.


I'm more inclined to write it as 'so, you like shortbread, Eh?'


"Do you like shortbread yourself?" is accepted. It is what I put!

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