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  5. "Call the firefighters!"

"Call the firefighters!"

Translation:Appelle les pompiers !

May 6, 2020



I thought it was the imperative = Appellez !!

[deactivated user]

    It's either "appelle !" or "appelez !". The infinitive is appeler. For some diabolical reason, in the present and present subjunctive tenses a second "l" is added for je, tu, il/elle and ils/elles.


    It is, but the "singular" form. I had "appellez" as well, but apparently that has one "l" too many.


    I thought if you're giving an order in the "tu" form, it would be "Appelles..." (with the s) Was dropping this mentioned in an earlier tip? I've clearly forgotten, if yes!


    I believe if verb ending is -"er" then you drop the "s" for "tu" commands, so here "appelle" is correct but if verb ending is say "-re" eg "prendre" you would then keep the "s" as in "prends un café"

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