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How many levels are in one language?

I have been studying Hindi and have completed the course up to level 5. There is nothing more for me to access. Some page of duolingo website say there are just 5 levels. Others say there are 25 levels. Could someone help me here and if there are more levels how do I access them? Thanks

May 6, 2020



There are 32 skills in the tree and you can go up to Level 5 in each. Looks like you've completed the tree. बधाई हो। (Congratulations)
There is also your overall level in the language (that you see beside your name in the forum) that is dependent on your XP. You can go up to Level 25 on that and you are currently at Level 16 for Hindi. Until there is a tree update in the near future with brand new skills, the way for you to gain XP in the language would be to practice the skills that you've already completed.

PS: If you want to try something new, you can start the reverse tree (English tree for Hindi speakers). Many learners have found that useful.


Thanks - very helpful

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