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"I'm going to my friend's wedding in Portugal."

Translation:Je vais au mariage de mon ami au Portugal.

May 6, 2020



Hi! I find it really hard to get when tu use à and en for places. In general, I use en when it comes to countries or cities that begin with vowel, and à for cities, so I never expected de au here. I've read about this subject many times but can't seem to get it, any tips or help in this regard? Thanks!




(le) Portugal is a masculine country, so you need to use au


I understand why we use "au" in regards of Portugal being masculine, what I don't get is why we use à instead of en when going to Portugal. For example, you go "en Chine" but "au (à + le) Portugal". Why? That's my question.


That's because (la) Chine is feminine. You need to define the gender of country to put a right preposition before it.


"Mon copain" was rejected. How do I know when to use which version of "friend"?


Why is it sometimes à Portugal and this time au Portugal?

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