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  5. "Do not do this!"

"Do not do this!"

Translation:यह मत करो!

May 6, 2020



Shouldn't it be इस, since implicitly तुम is the subject?


इस is the oblique case form of यह and is only used when यह is a part of a noun phrase that is an object of a postposition. यह itself is used otherwise, even if it is not the subject.
For example, in मैं यह किताब पढ़ रहा हूँ (I am reading this book), there is no postposition so यह किताब is used.
In इस किताब में दस कहानियाँ हैं (There are ten stories in this book), यह किताब is an object of में so इस is used.

Note: You might be talking about इसे rather than इस. इसे is essentially यह+को.
इसे मत करो is also a valid translation for this sentence.


करो kar is a Persian loanword


No. It's from Sanskrit. It might be similar because of a common Indo-Iranian root.

Generally, verbs are the category of words in Hindi that are least likely to be borrowed from Persian.


Is that is something nauty there


It can also mean STOP DOING THIS ryt?


That would be यह करना बंद करो।

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