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I'm struggling in French...

French is a hard subject for me. I want to learn French so I can visit my auntie in Paris. How can I go without knowing French?

May 6, 2020



Try to go about learning it in a different way. When something is difficult it's usually the way you go about approaching the problem. Whether that's finding a native speaker to help explain things to you, or you listening to podcasts to 'get a feel' for how the language sounds. There will just be a time where everything begins to 'click' and things will start to sound 'right'.


That works, too. That method was a workaround for my Arabic lessons.


That is a good point. But how can I get a dictionary with all this lockdown?


You could buy it online, or try to find some on audiobook websites.


this is super that you have an auntie in Paris - after three weeks you will have no problem


Thanks for the support!The lockdown really isn't helping.


It isn't, but we just have to push on!


I could! I've studied French for a year and I still don't understand the language. I am being serious.


You just have to be confident and patiente and you will an expert


Yeah it takes a lot of time, doesn't it? I took night classes way way back when I was younger, but they weren't so great, and only one hour a week, so not a lot of time to learn...and I lived very briefly in Montreal, traveled to France, also back when I was younger. Now I'm doing Duo. I tried so hard to learn at class, while traveling, with Duo, and there's times where I feel like I still know so little, for all this time and effort. But, it's easy to be hard on myself and think that. Maybe it's better to just be kind to ourselves, and remember that it's a looooong journey and we're doing well.


At my school we did 5 hours a week - I'd say it took two years (400 class hours) before I felt I got it - to the extent I could use it i everyday situations and read ordinary (but simple) books.


I hope I can see my aunt again.


Me too. Let's just hope for the best.


People will understand if you like show pictures of it. My friend went one time and she didn't even know anything. When she came back she just said "i showed pictures and they understood me. "


Practice every day. Learn the gender with the noun.

Make sure you read the tips before each skill - and sentence discussions after the lesson. Take notes. And use the hover method (do not take each skill to level 5 quickly) - https://blog.duolingo.com/whats-the-best-way-to-learn-with-duolingo/ (this gives you the best chance to remember long term and to understand the material)

Plus all the usual things for studying. Eat well. Sleep well. Take mini-breaks every 10-15 minutes and long breaks every 90 minutes or so.


That's kind of my story. But, I can't really give up! Also, if you're struggling in French, then try using a dictionary to find words that you don't know, or try other languages similar to French, like Latin or Italian. Those should help.


Check out the app called Tandem.. You can have random conversations with people that speak the language you want to learn. I used it for Chinese but i think it works in french as well.


Sounds interesting! I'll check it out!


Learn the basics. For a conversation you don't have to know complicated words. If you come to France, try to speak as much French as possible and you will see, you will learn quickly! :) Try also to watch films or series with subtitles and then in the original version. We are progressing quickly!

Bon courage! ;)


Everyone in France gets English in school, though many, especially those who don't deal with the tourist trade, are not at all fluent. You should have little trouble getting around, eating, getting a hotel etc. There are cultural differences. In America we usually don't address a shop keeper until we reach the check out, in France that is considered rude. Say bonjour when you enter. There are online guides with more tips like this. Be nice and you'll do fine.

The only challenge will be if your aunt does not speak English because you will want to have more in depth conversation with her.

Learning a language takes time, more than you probably think, but you can definitely do it.


Tandem is pretty good. I would recommend it to anyone.


I am French, so if you have a few questions I can help you. I'm not a teacher, maybe I can't answer everything. :)

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