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Tree Expansion?

Does anyone know if this tree will ever be expanded? I just spent 6 months studying Hindi in India, and that was really helpful. But now I've completely blasted past the most advanced lessons available here on Duolingo. It would be nice if the course was updated with some much more advanced grammar and conversational skills, so that it could still be useful.

May 6, 2020



All courses on Duolingo are constantly under development and there should be a Hindi tree update soon in the near future.
Until its out, you can also consider doing the reverse tree (English for Hindi speakers). A lot of learners have found that useful.


soon in the near future

Weeks, months?


All I know is that it is under development.


Are the other contributors to the hindi course even active this year?


Interesting. The contributors for Hindi haven't posted any updates about extensions to the course. Will we be expecting an update from them soon?


Hey! It's good to know that you are committed and congratulations for completing the course. As you have completed the tree I would suggest you to use TinyCards (Duolingo's product) to brush up vocabulary. Currently, I am working on flash cards for Hindi learners on TinyCards and some of the decks will be released on this weekend. It would be a great help if could review some of the initial decks. सीखते रहो। Keep on learning.


I was wondering the same thing, I would love to see more lessons for the Hindi tree. Especially looking at Spanish, which I started at the same time, where I haven't even finished section 2 yet (or whatever you call the little castle markers) and the tree still keeps going on a loooot further. I feel there is a lot more that could be covered in Hindi too.


here have 69 lingots :)


So I actually wanted to follow up on this with something I should have figured out a while ago. I just found a chrome browser extension (https://bit.ly/3fKy13r) that allows typing in Devanagari script "phonetically." It is way, way easier to use than other Hindi keyboard extensions that I've used, but it still allows me to redo courses on Duo without the multiple-choice options, which is much harder. It's not that this actually allows me to learn any new grammar or vocabulary, but it does make any reviewing much more challenging and I think more helpful.

EDIT: also thanks to everyone who recommended doing the reverse tree; I think that will also prove very helpful once I get past the boring entry-level courses.

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