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"They're going to repair the engine of the plane."

Translation:Ils vont réparer le moteur de l'avion.

May 6, 2020



given that plane is masculine why isn't it d'avion given you cant say du avion


if it is "airplane (or plane) engine (or motor)" i am wondering why there is an article and not just "d'avion. if i am correct that this is a noun modifying (not "possessing") a noun, then usually the article is not included. probably i will be long gone before someone offers an answer.


it can work both ways. here the mechanics are going to repair the engine of a particular plane--de l'avion. but, they could have a plane engine in the shop which they are going to repair--un moteur d'avion.


Ils se font reparer le moteur de l'avion.


Why not 'on va'?


How do i know the difference between the repair with accent and the one without?

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