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French Book Recommandations, sil vous plait!


I've been working on French for a while, mainly through Mango Languages. I do read a lot, and I started attempting to read the first Harry Potter in French. I am very familiar with Harry, so I thought to try something where I would know what was going on, even if I didn't know much French...immersion, you know. Anyway, does anyone have any good book recommandations? Preferably, a book that was written originally in French, not translated. Also, please not books that have excessive cursing (preferably as little as possible) and also, a 'clean' book. Not with explicit scenes, excessive flirting or flirting that goes beyond just bantering. Thanks for any recommandations!

May 6, 2020



Anything by marcel proust.


Le petit prince ;)


harry potter or comtesse de ségure's books


Simple chapter books are great for practicing fluency, but I think graphic novels are a good start for reading because it's easier to know what's going on even If you don't quite understand it.


Le petit Nicolas


Le petit Prince


Okay!! Thanks, guys!!! Marcel Proust...Le petite prince...le petite Nicholas....Comtesse de Segure's books. Harry Potter. Gotcha!!!

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