Translation:It is a good library.

5 years ago



Pero ¿Dónde está la biblioteca?

4 years ago


Mi llamo T-bone la araña discoteca.

3 years ago


Discoteca, muñeca, la biblioteca.

3 years ago

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Does the fact that "buena" comes before the noun affect its meaning in this case?

5 years ago


Generally, it means that it is an opinion. Or that it is an inherent (always true) property of the object.

4 years ago


Actually I just found this out, so here is my limited knowledge of this fact. When "Buena" comes before the noun it modifies, then you place special emphasis on that noun. For example, "Es una buen biblioteca" Would be "It is a VERY good library," while "Es una biblioteca buena" is "It is a good library."

The adjective behind the noun is also true in other cases, which I will not explain here, but can be found in the following link.


If any of this is incorrect, feel free to set my thinking straight.

2 years ago


I would like to know that too. I don't think I really get why it can't be 'la bibloteca buena' quite yet.

4 years ago


Why isn't buena after biblioteca?

3 years ago


Why is "It is a nice library" a bad translation?

5 years ago


"Nice" is more of an emotional remark as opposed to "good" which refers to quality. You wouldn't speak about a library as being nice (kind), mean, etc. That doesn't make sense -- so in Spanish, the same kind of thing. While "buena" can mean "nice", it has to work correctly in the sentence -- i.e. about a person rather than an inanimate object.

4 years ago


Earlier it said bibloteca meant bookcase, so how is it is a good bookcase wrong. I am tring to do the whole lesson without looking at the hints.

2 years ago


Why do they teach us the other possible words if they then won't accept it. I translated 'The bookcase' into La biblioteca but then lose a heart to 'It's a good bookcase'. Tehy wanted bookshelves I suppose but that is a different thing. :(

5 years ago


I'm not sure if you're saying that DuoLingo said that, but that's incorrect. A bookcase= un librero, a shelf= un estante, a bookshelf would be un estante con libros, una biblioteca= a library, una libreria= a bookstore. Hope that helps.

4 years ago


I listened several times. It says "es la buena", not "una buena>' the pronunication is very bad

1 year ago


The adjective is normally before the noun for emphasis. A better translation might be, "It is a very good library." (Or: "It is a really good library.")

7 months ago
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