Has anyone got any suggestions for things to listen to as background noise, just so I can get used to hearing spoken Dutch?

I don't really care what it is about or if I can understand it (although that would be great) I just want to be able to get a feel for the language :)

July 24, 2014


Someone on another thread suggested this and I love it

It's aimed at small children so it's simple enough that you'll be able to pick out words and get the gist of what is going on. has a lot of Dutch national radio stations.

Some help, so you don't have to browse through them to find your favourite genre. :)

  • Radio 1 news and sports, lots of discussions/interviews
  • 3fm pop/rock/alternative station
  • 538 pop station
  • decibel pop station
  • veronica 80's/90's
  • 100% nl pop/dutch (the name is a bit misleading, lot's of English songs are played)

I listen to this as suggested by some people here. I enjoy it!

This site will probably help you get a feel for the language:

I'd recommend starting with the lesson that has 1-12 in it as this is for beginners and has short comedy sketches that are easy to understand and go along with :)

There's TuneIn Radio for android and apple, it allows you to search for radio stations by language and by country.

Listen to the radio in the language you are currently. The radio has native speakers who talk as in real life (at actual fluent speed). When you listen to recorded text online, you don't get this benefit.

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