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"Suddenly, someone shouted in the restaurant."

Translation:Tout à coup, quelqu'un a crié dans le restaurant.

May 6, 2020



You have a typo. Tout à coup, quelqu'un cria dans le restaurant. Once again I used the word bank and this was not an option. I copied and pasted this from the screen.


Tout à coup, quelqu'un cria dans le restaurant Passé simple.
Tout à coup, quelqu'un a crié dans le restaurant Passé composé.


Thank you for the grammar lesson. However, my point was that Duo told me I had a typo but I was not typing. I was using the little click on a word bank and cria was not an option in the word bank. I really do appreciate the grammar lesson though. I am trying to learn all this and it is very difficult.


Le was not one of the choices

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