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New words on tests?

Is it just me, or do completely new words show up on tests that I don't encounter in lessons? Am I missing something? I end up just squeaking by, but if there is another aspect to the topics that I am missing, I would love to know about it. PS I am a very new user.

August 10, 2012



I get the impression that the system chooses randomly. In each subject there are new words and sometimes these are introduced and sometimes not. And then, after you have struggled with it, you get a few sentences later the phrase with the yellow band introducing it.


I also experience the same problem but not too often fortunately.


I have had the same problem. Siebolt explained it pretty well. I hope they are going to fix that.


That happens, but fortunately not very often. I think it's a bug. My guess: DL assumes the word has already been used in a previous lesson, but you never got it because it randomly chose only sentences without it.

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