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  5. "The fridge is not light."

"The fridge is not light."

Translation:Chan eil am frids aotrom.

May 7, 2020



I was tempted to write Chan eil am frids soillseach since my fridge is very dark - in fact it is dubh. But I just avoided the temptation.


The English confuses me. Should it be “lit” or “lighted” or is it referring to the weight “light” vs “heavy ”


There are four things that can get confused here.

The past participle of the verb is either lit or less commonly lighted. So if someone had not turned the light on so you could not see the fridge it would be

The fridge has not been lit / lighted.

Emphasising its current state, rather than what was done, you could say

The fridge is not lit.

The same two sentences could also mean that someone has not set the fridge on fire. Then it would be true that

The fridge is not alight.

But neither of these applies, because light is clearly an adjective in this sentence. Yet it still has two meaning.

  1. 'Not dark in colour'. This is what I translated as soillseach. I was half joking because I am sure this is not what they meant.
  2. 'Not heavy'. This is probably what it means here so aotrom is the correct translation. It quite literally means 'not heavy' because trom means 'heavy' and ao is a prefix meaning 'not'.

I apologize on behalf of English speakers that our language is so complicated.

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