I want to learn how to speak Fench but It is very difficult for me. I have been trying my hardest for 3 weeks now and I don't feel any growth. Any tips!

May 7, 2020


Three weeks is just the very start. What's more you miss days and when you do come to DL you only do a couple of lessons. You can get there that way - but it'll take years - just to finish DL - which is only the first step.

Try and do something every day.

Make sure you read the tips before each skill - and sentence discussions after the lesson. Take notes. And use the hover method (do not take each skill to level 5 quickly) - (this gives you the best chance to remember long term and to understand the material)

Plus all the usual things for studying. Eat well. Sleep well. Take mini-breaks every 10-15 minutes and long breaks every 90 minutes or so.

thx so much I will try it!

One more thing so when im taking the test and it tells me to Write this in French I am a woman. I don't get how to do it :( It just does not make sense. Any tips would be amazing!

Pretend you are reading out a character's words in a book.

dont forget e means it is refering to a female

Learning a language is a slow process. It will take time. A few weeks is barely scratching the surface. Your exercise advice is excellent, and it is the same with language. Work out you brain, a little every day, and the progress will happen. Also go re-read Judit294350's advice, she is exactly right.

As I go through the lessons, it helps me to write down each new phrase I learn, and I would also try to mimic the voice-overs but at a slower pace. I would keep on clicking the blue speaker button until I think I got it down. If I don't want to sound like a crazy person out in public, I would either whisper it or say it in my head lol.

It really helps to pay more attention to the sounds rather than the spelling. When I was first learning French, I made the mistake of thinking everything was pronounced the way it was spelled, which only made it even more difficult when it wasn't correct anyways.

I hope this helps!

Keep a notebook, i'm only a week in and it helped me so much

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    It sounds like you're not having fun, like it is drudgery. You can try something that will make it fun for you.

    Maybe some easy books will make you feel more engaged.

    Books with pictures, the pictures help you learn the vocabulary.

    Tumble Books - available for French, English, and Spanish

    Another discussion

    Or perhaps you can try some cartoons.

    French Notes

    • PDF of the notes created by Dante Fuentes.

    But it is also possible that you may be putting to much pressure on yourself. Some expect results too soon. Slow and steady wins the race.

    Je veux bien essayer de t'aider.

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