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"Dis-moi ce que tu penses de mes poèmes, Anna."

Translation:Tell me what you think of my poems, Anna.

May 7, 2020



Don't do it, Anna.


Marked wrong for spelling "anna" as "ana"


OK, so try spelling it with two n's next time.


Isn't it "penser á"?


"Penser à" and "penser de" have different usages. "Penser de" refers to having an opinion about something or someone, which is the correct usage in this particular exercise. "Penser à" refers to having someone or something in mind more generally. For example:

  • "I am thinking about you" = "Je pense à toi"

  • "I think well of you" or "I have a good opinion of you" = "Je pense du bien de toi"

As another example, if you wanted to say "Think about my poems, Anna", that would use "penser à": "Pense à mes poèmes, Anna."


"tell me" is a command. Why isn't this <> ?


"tell me Anna, what you think of my poems" ... Not accepted! The best way to please Duo, it seems, is to keep the word order exactly the same in the translation; even if it results in a less conversational result?


It takes a while to add every possible alternative to the database. Why not just keep the word order the same?


Anna, dump them, it's not worth it


Tell me what you think about my poems Anna; not accepted ??


I wrote exactly what they gave as a solution minus the hyphen. It was marked wrong. Something wrong somewhere!

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