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"Zij hebben mij dit jaar niet betaald."

Translation:They have not paid me this year.

July 24, 2014



It's probably a bit late in the tree to be asking this, but why is

zij hebben me dit jaar niet betaald

not acceptable?

I thought that mij was the "marked" object pronoun, used when you want to put special stress, e.g. they haven't paid ME this year (but they have paid others).

Why can't I use the unmarked object pronoun me?


Your answer is correct. They should add this solution.


unless it was a listening exersice, it should be accepted


“Ik heb de kip niet betaald” - I didn’t pay FOR the chicken. The For is omitted. Can also “zij hebben mij dit jaar niet betaald” be translated as “They haven’t paid me FOR this year”?


"Dit jaar" is just temporal extra information here. The base sentence is "ze hebben me niet betaald", thus the hypothetical "for" would apply to "me". Which would sort of sound as if you were a slave... so I'd say no.

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