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  5. "Eu não tenho um carro."

"Eu não tenho um carro."

Translation:I do not have a car.

July 24, 2014



"I haven't a car" is fine English. Romantic construction and a tad aristocratic. Probably a remnant of centuries of oppression by French Vikings. Grammarians make up arbitrary rules for their own purposes. First they told us that we had to follow Latin structures, then they insisted on Germanic rules. English is a flexible and hybrid language. Beware of those who claim to own the language. They haven't a clue.


Why is wrong : I haven't a car?


Not correct in English, you say "I don't have a car". I suppose "I haven't got a car" is correct as well.


lepu lepu hahaha

I couldn't resist, sorry.


I haven't a car is correct, it's British English, while "..don't have" is American English


how do they get around

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