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  5. "We wonen in België."

"We wonen in België."

Translation:We live in Belgium.

July 24, 2014



In a few months!!! (thats why i'm practising my dutch)


Why can i not use wij instead of we here


You can. If it marks you wrong on that, please report it.


Thanks, Wij and We sound exactly the same to me...


Ah, I should have clarified. In audio exercises, there definitely is a difference between "we" and "wij". With the duolingo computer voice it can be hard to hear (try it on slow!), but they are pronounced quite differently.


Thanks, it might just be that my ears aren't much good. (I am what you'd call tone-deaf)


Infants will start to lose the ability to recognize sounds of other languages before they're a year old if they don't hear them all the time. Therefore, there are sounds we can't distinguish between in other languages until we put in the effort to learn them. It's not just you... it's everyone. I have the same problem with we and wij, ze and zij :).


like stephenbal said, I experienced the same sort of delay in perception. i powered through the first few sections in a couple days, and within a few days of frequent exposure (and intense focus during listenings) i could start to tell the difference. if im not paying close attention though (like with this one), i usually end up just putting [x]ij as my mind's default. hey, at least that way i probablt have more than a 50% chance of being right. [x]ij does seem to be more frequently used than [x]e.


Why we did "in the Netherlands" in the previous lesson, but do "in Belgium" in this one? Why shouldn't we use the article with Belgium?


In English we use "the" with plural words used as the name of one country: "the Philippines", "the United States of America" and "the Netherlands", but "Belgium", "France", "Germany", etc.


It's just an English thing. You wouldn't say "in the Belgium", and "in Netherlands" is also wrong. There are only a few countries that require the article.


Can you use - We wont in Belgie? I'm confused as to when we use wonen, woon and wont.


It is: we wonen in België. (we live in Belgium) the differences are within the person:

ik woon ...... (I live) jij woont ........(you live) hij woont ........(hes lives)

wij/we wonen ........(we live) jullie wonen..... (you (plural) live zij wonen ......(they live)


yes you can use "wont", but its wrong ! HAHA.


We reside in Belgium. Why is this not approved?


nee we wonen in nederland

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