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French for to pick up?


I need to know the French for the verb to pick up, meaning to take someone or something somewhere, for example in the sentence “will you pick me up later?”

I appreciate it.

May 7, 2020



I would say "Passer prendre quelqun ou quelque chose."


There's a regional debate in France on that particular sentence! ^^ In general we would say "est-ce que tu pourras passer me prendre?" However, in the North-East of France we also say "est-ce que tu pourras venir me chercher?" (I thought this was the common way to say it but when I moved to Paris I discovered that it was not!)


That’s useful for me to know, thanks :)


Aussi au Québec


Interesting to see that. Using Duolingo I learned that to pick up (a person) is "chercher". I had a look at the Duolingo dictionary for "chercher" and the examples are either to look for (something) or to pick up (a person). There have ben several questions on Duolingo about picking a person up but I've never seen "passer prendre". I thought Duo would be based on Paris French?

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