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French Comprehension

If anyone is looking for ways to improve comprehension, I would recommend the Youtube channel called innerFrench. Its really good because he speaks clearly, and you are able to pick out words or understand the whole thing (dependent on level of course). There are also French subtitles which are very useful too! Pairs o'clock also has a podcast, which is very good. It comes with transcripts too so you can read along in French. I would say its for more intermediate level students. Also, the TV show Extra (the french version) is also very good, its similar to Friends and it is made for people who are learning French. You can find it on Youtube.

Hope this helps someone!

May 7, 2020



InnerFrench is great. I enjoy his videos and podcasts. I'll check out the others too, thanks. If you (or anyone else) are looking for something similar but more advanced, try Français Authentique : https://www.youtube.com/user/francaisauthentique


I saw a video of this guy. Good stuff as well!


Watching him (and innerFrench) really improved my listening comprehension. Plus I've learned several phrases to use in conversation from him and he gives grammar advice too!


I like watching easy french on youtube.https://youtu.be/0MVzS2L_Hmw


Je suis d'accords. Je vois que vous apprenez l'allemands aussi. Easy German is even way better than easy French and has many many many episodes. I have been using both to supplement Duo.


Merci. oui, j'étudie un peu allemand. Je vais aussi regarder easygerman!


Another great resource especially for beginners is Lucas at French Comprehensible Input on YouTube. He's a native speaker with a series of videos aiming for A1 comprehension, but he also has videos for intermediate and advanced comprehension.


Thx!! This helps a lot!! I gave you a lingot!!


I just found the innerFrench channel recently and he is awesome! Would definitely recommend.


Merci beaucoup


Yeah tv5monde also has a free app. I like it a lot as well.


Merci beaucoup pour les nouvelles resources.


i prefer french films for verbal/ speech comprehension and use grammar rules for comprehending structure


Merci beaucoup! Helpful references.

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