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"Sie hat den Hund nicht akzeptiert."

Translation:She has not accepted the dog.

July 24, 2014



...but, in a final, the dog found a better and lover mistress!! :((


Der arme Hund :(


Is there a difference in the shade of meaning between akzeptiert and angenommen here? Any other (semi-)synonyms?


Sie hat den Hund nicht angenommen. - they offered the dog to her but she refused it.

Sie hat den Hund nicht akzeptiert. could mean that as well, but could also mean that she refused it mentally (if that makes sense): that she thinks that the dog is somehow reprehensible. Or that she didn't "take him into her heart". For example, you might talk about a child not "accepting" their father's new wife -- that's not really got anything to do with an offer that gets accepted or refused but is a more abstract kind of "acceptance".

And Sie hat den Hund nicht angenommen could perhaps also mean that she did not adopt it.


Is there a difference in German between "She has not accepted the dog" and "She did not accept the dog"?

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If I'm not mistaken, the latter would be

"Sie akzeptierte den Hund nicht." but that form is used mainly in a narrative past. Spoken German would be what Duolingo taught us.

This article can help you more https://www.thoughtco.com/g00/german-past-tenses-how-to-use-4069394

Edited: Thanks @mizinamo.


The link you kindly provided is no longer available, but having searched the 'thoughtco' website I have found the new path: Revised link


Isn't this English sentence in the (continuing) present? It seems to me the proper translation is the more straightforward "She did not accept the dog."


Hello, everyone! To assume that Perfekt and Present Perfect are the same is a huge mistake. Every German teacher as a foreign language knows this. The distinction between those verbs tenses is not made clear in this section. You should probably complement the sentences with some expressions of time to make the difference more obvious. Best regards, Filo


Gotta love Duolingos typical text book robot English "she has not accepted the dog", instead of "she hasn't"


Duolingo needs to do some of its own english classes

"she didnt except the dog" was not accepted as a correct answer???


"she didnt except the dog" was not accepted as a correct answer?

Of course not.

"except" and "accept" are completely different words; and "except" is not a correct translation of German akzeptieren.

And "didn't" needs an apostrophe.


why on earth would such sentence be in (Sports) lesson


Does anyone know of a way to only allow the male speaking voice? Duolingo seems to rely on the female voice about %80 of the time (i have no basis for that statistic.... it just feels like most listening exercises use the female voice.)

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