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Dutch music, anyone?

Does anyone by chance have some Dutch music suggestions/favorites? I'm looking for something to listen to after I work on my tree. Thanks!

July 24, 2014



Spinvis is one of the few Dutch-singing musicians that I enjoy listening to. Note that the lyrics might not always make sense, but you will definitely be able to catch certain words or sentences. Here is a good one of his.


Spinvis is the best, his lyrics are amazing, but you do have to puzzle them out. He does explain some of them in interviews sometimes.


Wow, he is awesome! Thanks!



This song is a nice representation of the Netherlands and its people. Dutch/English subtitles.

This website is good for listening to dutch songs and makes it into a game with the lyrics. http://lyricstraining.com/home


Thanks! I like the song, and the website rocks!


I know Marco Borsato, Guus Meeuwis and Glennis Grace (and others but they sing in English).


well, if you want music for children, we used to play kinderkoor jacob hamel zingen in de kring deel 1, 2, 3 for our son when he was little. the advantage of music for children is the vocab and rhyming.


Definitely bookmarking these! Thanks so much!


LIESBETH LIST! That sweet lady will always, always have my heart. "De Verzoening" in particular is awesome to sing along to while lying on your living room floor after chugging half a bottle of wine. Um, not that I've done that.

And Spinvis, of course :)


Thanks! I love her voice!


I'm so glad. I find her really comforting.

[deactivated user]

    Stef Bos


    Not very interesting musically, but very inventive use of the Dutch language: Drs. P.



    Thank you, these sound great!


    Blof! I discovered them through the radio station 100% NL (which in practice actually plays about maybe 60% dutch-language music? still a lot though!)


    Lol I was so dissapointed when I found out 100% NL played anglophone music too xD


    Ha, me too! The struggle is real, guys


    Oh, these guys are awesome! Thank you!


    Though I'm a Dutch native, I'm not particularly into Dutch music, but here are some well-known ones: Marco Borsato, De 3 J's, Guus Meeuwis, Nick en Simon, Jan Smit (in more or less descending order of personal preference :P). I personally like De 3 J's and Marco Borsato the most.

    A rather classic one is Doe Maar. In its time it used to be "The Beatles" of the Netherlands in terms of popularity. Someone else here mentioned Spinvis, which a friend of mine really likes. His lyrics are deep and poetic, and are intended to make you think. So, while I might recommend Spinvis, he's best appreciated once you have a firm grasp of Dutch, or at least the basics.

    Also, a lot of Dutch artists sing (almost) exclusively in English. For example, I like Ilse de Lange, whose style resembles American country music and who was one half of the duo that placed second at this year's Eurovision Song Contest. If you're into rock, a classic Dutch rock band is Golden Earring, and they also sing in English.

    Finally (gee this is getting long), each year one of the Dutch public radio stations has a kind of poll where everyone can vote for 5 songs. They make a ranking of the 2000 most-chosen songs, and they end up with the "Top 2000". They play all of the songs in ascending order from something like 27 December to New Year's Eve, so number one is the prelude to the new year. Point is: you can view the list yourself here: http://www.radio2.nl/top2000. It will contain artists and songs both from the Netherlands and outside, but it may give you some additional pointers.

    tl;dr: the last part allows you to look some classics up by yourself (;


    Wow, thank you so much!


    I really enjoy Marco Borsato, Acda en de Munnik and Blof. If you're looking for typical Dutch music I'd suggest Andre Hazes, but be prepared, you probably won't like it.


    So far, I'm loving Andre Hazes! Thank you so much!


    Thank you so much!


    Personally, I enjoy the artist Ellen ten Damme.


    If you're into hip-hop/electronic, I suggest De Jeugd van Tegenwoordig (The Youth of Today). It may not have the broadest of appeals though.


    Thank you! My range of music taste is very wide, so these guys are perfect!


    De Jeugd is so great, especially if you're into language, because they love to play with words and they're really innovative.


    They are great, but this will be very difficult for language learners.


    Lol, Mr. Polska & Ronnie Flex just has a great vibe, great beats. lol Idk if you're all into the whole EDM trap scene. But "Geert Wilderniss" just get's me hyped about learning Dutch.


    Mr. Polska is really cool! Thanks!


    I just know alot of what they say is not "formal" and really random. But the beats are just awesome and fun! :)


    I really like the dutch bands After Forever, Delain, Epica, Stream of Passion, and Within Temptation; but they all sing in English.


    Thanks, I'm really liking Delain and Stream of Passion.


    Lately I've been listening to Thomas Berge, Monique Smit, Ralf Mackenbach.... I mean, there's oodles of Dutch artists out there who sing in Dutch. Any specific genre(s)?


    Thank you, I love your suggestions! One of Thomas Berge's songs, "Alleen Omhoog" sounds exactly like Shontelle's "Impossible"! That made me laugh. As to genres, I'll take anything except heavy metal.


    Acda en de Munnik, Klein Orkest, De Dijk. Enjoy :)


    These sound great! Thanks!


    Guus Meeuwis - Het is een nacht

    Eefje de Visser - De Stad


    Anything by Eefje de Visser, really.


    Thank you, these sound fun!


    Brainpower if you're into hip-hop


    http://www.debestesingersongwriter.nl/ there are some new songwriters and Dutch songs here. Some songs are in English other are in Dutch.


    I like Abel, Monza, Noordkaap, Gorky. Like others have said, Dutch-speaking countries have plenty of great bands, but they do usually sing in English.


    Thanks for the suggestions!


    Hi, I'm from Belgium and half of our country speaks Dutch so we also have some music. :) If you happen to be in a romantic kind of mood, I guess the group Clouseau has easy lyrics. Otherwise Arne Vanhaecke or yevgueni :)


    Hello! I'm also from Belgium and I would like to add Bart Peeters, Bobbejaan Schoepen and Laïs :). If you are interested in dialects, you can try 'De Strangers' (Antwerp dialect) and Flip Kowlier (West Flanders dialect).

    Another great tip to learn Nederlands is listening (and watching) childrens programs or songs: Kabouter Plop or Samson en Gert

    Happy listening!

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