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"She sees him before he sees her."

Translation:Zij ziet hem, voordat hij haar ziet.

July 24, 2014



One of my multi choice options was, "Zij kook hem, voordat hij haar kook." Ouch.


Is there any rule as to when the verb is placed at the end or the beginning of the clause?


If you've got a word like omdat, nadat or in this case voordat before the object, the subject will immediately will immediately follow: Nadat hij iets zei - Omdat hij hem zag


It's so confusing to learn Dutch over English, when German is my native language, and therefore the word order is the same as in Dutch. But at one point I'm confusing all three. I have to translate it first to one and then the other language


If the clauses were reversed, would it be "Voordat hij haar ziet, ziet zij hem."?


Why "zij ziet" is not accepted?


Je mag ook zeggen: 'Zij ziet hem voor hij haar ziet'. Dat is even correct.


Why is it "zij ziet hem" she sees him, but "hij haar ziet" he sees her?

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