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"If he doesn't have Internet, he won't work."

Translation:S'il n'a pas Internet, il ne travaillera pas.

May 8, 2020



I'm trying to figure out why it's not "s'il n'aura pas". I know it's present tense in English, but I thought these hypothetical future situations took future tense in French for the initial part of the sentence?


No, you should use conditional, which can't be paired with future tense. There is only conditionnel passé and conditionnel présent. Present conditional is basically gambling now on what will happen in the future, hence the present I guess and why there is no need for a future conditional.


Why not "d'Internet"? It's accepted but apparently not preferred.


It's just less idiomatic.


S'il n'a pas l'internet, il ne travaillera pas was the answer they gave me. That is wrong. It should be Internet.


"L'internet" is how old people call internet. It's ok.


That's oddly reassuring -- it means I'm not using bad French, just French appropriate to my age-group!


I thought in future tense has to match up on both sides: S'il n'aura pas Internet, il ne travaillera pas - was wrong Why in this case is it present mixed with future?


My question exactly...


This is conditional sentence. In sentences with words of time such as "quand", you are correct that future must be paired with future. However, in conditional sentences (look for "si"), indicative future is paired with indicative present and conditional is paired with imperfect past.


Last exercise I was told if the second part of the sentence was future the first part also had to be but apparently not!


La concordance des temps avec SI

La subordonnée conjonctive de condition est le plus souvent introduite par "si", et il y a trois cas de "si" :

1er cas : si + présent -> futur simple (ou présent) =>Si tu veux, je viendrai / je viens. (selon le contexte)

2e cas : si + imparfait ->conditionnel présent => Si tu voulais, tu pourrais.

3e cas : si +plus-que-parfait ->conditionnel passé => Si tu avais voulu, tu aurais pu.


I put present tense for the first clause and got marked wrong. Now I put in the future tense and got marked wrong again. This site is seriously hacking me off.

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